Lovely Beauty Box Review

I know I haven’t updated you on my September Lovely Beauty Box yet, but I wanted to give the products a good run through before posting about them here. Like August’s Beauty Box, the September edition is all about hair.

Earlier in the year I was having a lot of trouble with my hair. Stress and health problems gave me a frizzy, dry mane. My hair is usually troublesome, since I have oily roots and tons of hair that is hard to tame in the Florida weather, but this was different. My hair was not healthy.

Two things helped bring it back from the dead: washing it less and dry shampoo. As you can imagine, the two go together. I went from washing my hair every day to every other day, using the dry shampoo to keep any oil away. The exact shampoo didn’t matter, because I stuck to hydrating formulas…whatever was around.

Once my hair recuperated, I wanted to make it shine! Just my luck, I received my Lovely Beauty Box. The best samples in that box were the Diamond Shine Shampoo by Zotos and the High Beam Shine Treatment by AROSCI. For my type of hair (very thick, slightly coarse) these two products moisturize my locks and add much-needed shine and control. The Diamond Shine shampoo and conditioner feel light and the shampoo produces a nice lather without leaving your hair “squeaky” clean, which, by now, I hope you realize is not good for your tresses!

The AROSCI serum has a light, floral scent. Don’t think heady rose, more like aroma therapy floral. It is very thick, so a little bit goes a long way! The combination of these three products leaves me with controlled, soft, shiny hair. Please note “controlled” for me might be “limp” for you. I don’t like tons of volume in my hair, so I like when products give a bit of weight.

Have you signed up for the Lovely Beauty Box yet?