The Best Affordable Cosmetics

Foundation – Revlon Color Stay or L’Oreal True Match

I would recommend the Color Stay for oilier skin and the True Match for normal to combo or normal to slightly dry. The True Match line has a great color selection (better than Revlon’s) but it does not last as long on the skin if you’re prone to shine. I have used both before in the past without any breakouts.

Concealer – L’Oreal True Match

Out of all of the drugstore lines, I find L’Oreal’s face products to be the best. I know some makeup artists that have used True Match in their kits.

Powder – Milani Powder Foundation

This is a great powder to set your foundation or use alone. Milani’s color range tends to lean towards more ethnic skintones, but I am very pale and still found a shade that worked. The texture is smooth and the color deposits well.

Blush – NYX or Milani

Again, I have to go with NYX and/or Milani. They both offer a fantastic product (NYX moreso) at price levels anyone can afford.

Bronzer – Milani

They’re very similar to the Victoria’s Secrets Beauty bronzers (which I love). There are both satin finish and glimmering finish bronzers. They’re baked, beautiful and will last quite awhile.

Lip Balm – Nivea

I have Olive Oil & Lemon in my purse right now, but I think I own all of the Nivea stick form lip balms. They are great at hydrating the lips and they don’t slide away or overwhelm you with tons of fake, sugary candy scent. Everyone raves about Carmex, but I prefer Nivea.

Lip Liner – NYX or Cover Girl

NYX has MAC dupes at a better price, and the Cover Girl liners are surprisingly smooth. If I had to recommend only one, I would go with NYX, which you can find at ULTA.

Lipstick – NYX or Maybelline

There isn’t much I use from Maybelline, but their lipsticks, especially their reds, are amazing! They’re smooth and creamy with a lot of pigment. One of those beautiful reds is “Red Revival”, you should check it out.

Lip Gloss – L’Oreal

L’Oreal makes gorgeous lip glosses. I am a huge fan of Lancome gloss, and considering L’Oreal is their little sister, I wouldn’t be surprised if their formulas were very similar. They even have the same scent and a variety of finishes from shiny, to pearl and even shimmer.

What are your favorite drugstore products? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!